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Polymers in Times of COVID-19

The last few months have been challenging for us all. The rapid spread of this pandemic has not only affected us humans personally, but the global economy is the one that was hit hardest. As a global player, we constantly make an effort to have a broad focus on the international market. World politics, the economy, financial as well as commodity markets are being watched closely by our employees.

The agitation resulting from the pandemic has been on a high for quite some time now and unfortunately, nothing has changed. Contrary to this, the global economy, financial and commodity markets seem to not be influenced by this. While it is a challenge, we attempt to keep these liquidity-driven markets in line with our customer’s expectations, which I believe we managed to do pretty well.

What About the Polymer Prices?
After the shock resulting from a decrease in demand during March and April, the prices have strongly recovered. Other factors such as the oil price, NAFTA, the ratio of supply and demand as well as the exchange rates have recovered and reached the level they had prior to the crisis.

What Does the Future Hold?
The near future will surely be exciting! The demand for polymers and the price level will probably settle on the current level. This crisis will leave some branches profiting (keyword: packaging), others might not get off lightly.

We at Plastrans are well and broadly positioned, even during tough times like these. Thanks to our great team, we are able to satisfy our (long-term) customers with the best service, as always.