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Eco-design for a lower footprint

Eco-design is about integrating environmental aspects into product design to improve the product’s environmental performance throughout its whole life cycle.

To understand Eco-design, environmental aspects related to the life cycle of the product must be identified:

According to the EU´s Eco-design Directive, the following environmental aspects must be assessed when relevant:

  • Consumption of materials, energy, and other resources (e.g. freshwater)
  • Anticipated emissions to air, water, or soil
  • Anticipated pollution through physical effects such as noise, vibration
  • Expected generation of waste material
  • Possibilities for reuse, recycling, and recovery of materials and/or energy

The newest proposal for Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation will also apply to other products, compared to energy-related products only from the original Directive. This proposal includes a Digital Product Passport that provides information about the product´s environmental sustainability.

How are our partners committing to Eco-Design?

Mono-material solutions and Downgauging options!

TotalEnergies, as part of their Sustainability Agenda, provides converters with outperforming grades combining ultimate processability, high impact, and good rigidity. In addition to weight reduction, downgauging capabilities of these special resins lead to further benefits, such as cycle time reduction, energy, and maintenance savings. Downgauging is not only sustainable but also economical, as reducing material consumption is especially interesting due to regulation and upcoming plastic taxes. And in the context of eco-design, our partner´s broad portfolio not only supports the design of mono-material bottles+cap packaging but also gives options for switching from multilayer PET/PE to PE monolayer structures, especially interesting for stand-up-pouches, allowing improvement of recyclability.

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Estefania López

Program-Directress Circular Polymers