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The role of Plastics to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals #12

The linear economy is a system of production & consumption where products made from Plastics are used and disposed of as waste. This system is not sustainable since plastic waste is accumulating in our environment and it takes hundreds of years to decompose. The plastic circular economy is a system of production, consumption, and reuse that minimizes the amount of plastic waste generated. This system focuses on creating a closed-loop system where plastic materials are recycled, reused, and composted to create a sustainable environment.

Plastics have made possible the production of a variety of products and packaging with a much lower environmental footprint than traditional materials, as well as much lower energy consumption. At the same time, plastics can also help increase food safety, preserving products in a hygienic way, thus avoiding food waste and reducing the need for preservatives.

In conclusion, plastics have a crucial role to play in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal no. 12, as it can help reduce the environmental impact of production and transportation while ensuring food safety and preserving resources.

Plastics help to unlock numerous benefits to improve the supplies of clean water & sanitation around the globe:



The Sustainable Development Goal no. 12 is for Responsible Consumption and Production. It seeks to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, reduce waste, and promote efficient use of resources. It also seeks to reduce the environmental impact of production and consumption, while increasing the quality of life and well-being of all people.


To achieve this goal, governments, businesses, and individuals must work together to use sustainable products, and recycle & reuse the products. At Plastrans Petrochemicals GmbH, we are committed to contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 12. We are dedicated to creating awareness and also providing sustainable plastic raw materials such as Recycled Polymers, Bio-based Polymers, Biodegradable Polymers, and Bio-based & Biodegradable Polymers.

DI Raj Shah

Program-Director Compounds & Specialties