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Importance of Polymer compound with Flame Retardants

Flame retardants (FR) are chemical compounds formulated with Polymer to inhibit/retard the ignition/burning of plastic. To prevent combustion/burning, it is necessary to develop a thermally stable polymer that has a low probability of decomposing into combustible gases under heat stress.

The flame retardant can be subcategorized into 5 types namely; halogen flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants, organic flame retardants, intumescent flame retardants, and nano-filler flame retardants according to the type of fillers. The below figure shows the classification of the type of flame retardant polymer material:

Figure 1: Types of Flame Retardant & mixing technique with Polymer

There are two categories to incorporate flame retardant into polymer mainly via. Physical mixing (Additive) and Chemical mixing (Reactive). Both the categories may influence properties such as viscosity, flexibility, density, etc. of different polymers.

Figure 2: Usage of Flame Retardant polymer compounds & its application

There are engineering polymers that are thermally stable, but they have performance and processing limitations and are oftenly expensive. As a result, manufacturers prefer to incorporate flame retardant additives into polymers. Plastrans Petrochemicals GmbH is a distributor and service provider of flame retardant polymer compounds for Automotive, Wire & Cables, Appliances, Construction, and Furnishing, etc. sectors.

Raj Shah

Program-Director Compounds & Specialties