We cast our partners’ visions into building blocks that permit the construction of sturdy foundations. This skill is amalgamated by differentiated commercial and technological approaches based on our four pillars:

Agency function

On behalf of our production partners, we offer our customers a hand-picked portfolio of polymers, compounds, and masterbatches.


Our innovative transport and warehouse logistics concept facilitates smooth deliveries – just in time.


Our excellent contacts in global raw material markets – from Austin to Zhangzhou – enable us to source quality products from well-known partners across the globe.


Joint ventures in plastics conversion help us gain insights into the sector-specific requirements for our products, and the intricacies that have to be borne in mind when processing them.

The Right Quality for Every Product

  • Prime Quality: Virgin material that fully meets the target parameters as stated in its product specifications and technical data sheets.
  • Near to Prime: Virgin material slightly off the target parameters as stated in its product specifications and technical data sheets (non-standard).
  • Wide-Spec: Virgin material, mainly startup and transition grades as they occur in the different production stages.
  • Industrial Quality: Composed of virgin material and reprocessed industrial waste (no post-consumer waste included).
  • Recycled Grades: Our recyclates originate from waste collection systems and include boosters as a value-enhancing component.

It’s not that we have little time; it’s that we do not use the time we have.

Mag. Mario Loidl, Managing Director