History & Vision

Our Vision: To be one of the Leading Suppliers of Biobased Polymers.

Plastrans was established in 1991 and has, since the year 2000, been partnered with one of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies: TOTAL. Moreover, we have entered into collaborations with and have contributed to the success of other well-renown companies such as Silon and Rompetrol. In times of accreting importance of resource preservation we duly cherish our cooperation with Multiport, one of the leading manufacturers of raw materials from plastic waste.

Ultimately, our most recent partnership since the year 2018 has enabled us to provide customers with a state-of-the-art biobased alternative to fossil-based plastics – the feedstock being the inedible parts of the Tapioca plant.

Plastrans is part of Ghazan Global, a corporation dedicated to investing into the future.

In their actions, entrepreneurs need to consider two key components. An individual component called profit, and a cultural component called social impact. Our overriding priority will always be that our entrepreneurial value creation must benefit the Plastrans family on the one hand, and all stakeholders who depend on us on the other.

Dr. Jahan Talebi, President & Chairman