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If I ask you about the one thing, that you were craving during the lockdown, what would it be? Working in the office or maybe hanging out with friends?  Well, I think for the majority of us the answer would be traveling and our sales team is no exception in this case.

Finally, after a long time, we had a chance to embark on a journey again while participating in the Fakuma – one of the leading trade fairs in the field of plastics processing that took place from the 12th to 16th of October in Friedrichshafen. Together with other visitors, we were discovering novelties in the industry presented by almost 1500 companies from 39 countries.

While the range of innovative solutions was spectacular – covering all aspects of injection molding, extrusion technology, and thermoforming, the current realities also pushed everyone including the players in the global plastic processing market to think outside of the box. In times of climate crisis and ever-growing digitalization, the participants had a unique opportunity to demonstrate their progress and achievements in the development of sustainable alternatives.

The spirit of innovation and the spur of creativity were filling up the exhibitions halls that were teeming with cutting-edge solutions presented on the fair stands. This was accompanied by inspiring keynote talks from the leading experts in the industry that once more highlighted the importance of cooperation on the way of becoming more sustainable and preserving our nature and its resources.

Although over the last few years, we could see the increasing digitalization of our lives, still nothing could be compared to the face-to-face interaction and networking opportunities it provides. Becoming inspired by the latest developments, we were able to reinforce collaboration between the existing long-term partners as well as make promising deals with new suppliers and customers.


Mario Loidl

Managing Director