A Global Enterprise headquartered in Linz.

Plastrans offers a dynamic work environment in the field of global raw materials – a market sector characterized by epochal changes and product innovations. On this journey, you gain impressive insights into disruptive technologies, distant cultures, and solutions of our time.

We look for People who enthusiastically embrace the Future.

Our biggest challenge is to focus on the solution rather than the problem. By applying unconventional approaches and showing respect for the creativeness of others – students, graduates, experts, or career changers alike. In our organization input is always sought after and highly appreciated, thus, creating a mosaic that would be less colorful without these versatile contributions. After all, providing comprehensive support to a company’s stakeholders requires different perspectives, not least, the ability to put oneself in the partner’s shoes. Therefore, empathy and self-confidence are indispensable elements of interpersonal communication, whether within the team or with our customers.