People and Environment

Figuring that we live in the 21st century, I’m sure by now you’re familiar (or have at least been confronted) with the term “Climate Change”, whether you like it or not.
Although there are still people that try to deny its existence, by thinking rationally you would not only acknowledge it, but you would also know that it’s anthropogenic – man-made –
meaning we have no one else to thank but ourselves.

As I will continue to talk about Climate Change, precisely, the effects it has on the planet and what we consumers can do to reduce not only waste but also our carbon footprint, I want to use this opportunity to get us all on the same page.

Succinctly, I’ve never been properly educated on matters concerning the climate, let alone Climate Change. Of course, when growing up, you hear a lot of catch phrases like “Climate Change is getting worse,” “we have to change something” and “act now, for future generations;” but nobody ever really explained to me what should be done and why this environmental crisis is climaxing.

If you, like myself, do not know how to engage with this ubiquitous topic but still wish to gain intricate knowledge, keep an eye out for my next post. Spoiler alert: it will entail a glossary consisting of key definitions with regard to Climate Change.